like whaaa

studying for the GRE’s like my life depends on it. vocab day and night. I guess this is what I get for not studying until two weeks before the test. that’s just me. work really hard when I need to. relax really hard the rest of the time. I test Monday afternoon. I am up to my eyes in applications but they are getting done. letters are being written. my story is being edited. thank you to everyone who is helping me. the last section I really need to tackle are the personal essays on why I want to be a writer. or I guess why I am a writer. I don’t know, why do you breathe? If I have realized anything it is that observing and writing are involuntary actions for me. I do them because that is what I do. this is how I function. I have tried, believe me, to be other things, to pursue other avenues but the roads always lead me back to the same place. I take on adventures only to add them to my Rolodex of experiences, sights, smells, feelings. I have been known to fall in love only to experience the pain of heartbreak and write it down. I run, I sleep, I travel, I cry, I work, I live simply to be more thorough in my writing.

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