in the makings

We are in the makings, the cooking process of our newest project. Milk Route Records website launches this November and buried within it is Milk Route Motel: a series of live studio sessions from local, traveling, talented, and wonderful musicians. We began tonight humble and curious, patient and excited. An old friend and incredibly talented artist by the name of Benjamin Laub, known to the masses as Grieves, came as our first guest tonight. Ben is a rapper and by qualifications not exactly what we thought we would be doing. It was better. Kevin stripped down two songs off his album, Together Apart, to the bare essentials of piano and guitar and played them while Ben sang with our dear friend Matt Doheney on guitar. Magical. Jenna filmed the whole bit. And thus we have it: the first Milk Route Motel Session coming out this November. I am tickled pink thinking of how much fun we will have with everyone and anyone who comes through. You’re invited.

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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