food or not

I’m hungry. Hungry in a way I am not sure I knew before. As in not actually hungry. Just habitually hungry. I am on day three of a five day juice cleanse from Suja Juice in San Diego for my newest story in Locale Magazine. I think this issue will come out in the new year. Me telling everyone how wonderful it is to help your body out like this. It’s true, none of it’s a lie. But right now what I am finding to be the most fascinating part of all is that even when I am not hungry, full of delicious juices, I still want to eat. I want to eat out of habit. My internal clock tells me it’s time to sit down and chew something. I feel like I am repaving neurological pathways and reconditioning the way I live my life. All in all food or no food, I am learning a lot more about myself than I ever predicted.

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