a new

So there are like seven million photos from our tour/road trip that I am just going to have to trickle out over time because the overwhelming feeling of being “behind” on this blog was just keeping me from writing altogether and that is totally missing the point. So now that I have explained myself to myself I can begin a new in this lovely month of October.

So this is the truth of all matters right now.

I love October. It is my favorite month. It is also one of my favorite words.

I am home now and still slightly unemployed and have decided to put off real employment until the end of the month after I finish my grad school applications. AH. I know I just took a deep breath. I am considering, hoping, and fearing all at once the idea of going back to school. I will tell you this though, I am not taking the choice lightly nor am I putting all but one egg in that basket. I know how to deal with disappointment but I don’t deal well with derailment. So that’s that. UW in Seattle is my number one choice right now. I just visited the campus and the city and I loved both. So I am trudging through a rough draft and rewriting everything right now and studying (or not) for the GRE. So that’s about as boring as I get.

On a brighter note my little sister moved into our compound and my super hot boyfriend is cooking me dinner and we have show tonight at Memphis Cafe, my favorite place to play in town.
life is good.

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