It’s More Like A Road Trip

It’s here. It actually worked or “is working” I should say. I spent the summer more or less stalking the internet. Asking friends, friends of friends, and strangers for a chance, some time, a place to play, a reason to come. I found it. I found them. People all over the place willing and wanting to be a part of what we are doing. I am at a calm pause putting all the pieces together, picking up t-shirts, and packing my car. I am interested in places I have never been and people I would have never met. The journey is already strange. The idea of such an adventure. We have an idea of what we are doing, where we will rest. Some time spent in Canada Glacier National Park camping under the stars. Breathing. Laughing. Thank you, really, to everyone who has helped make this happen. The support as well as the donations, for our shirts, and record, and sometimes blind faith. In the middle of all this I am working on my manuscript for my grad school applications. I never write by hand. It will be interesting, scratched out characters on yellow legal pads.

It’s almost time to go. Stay with us, it’s going to be beautiful.

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