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Super stoked today because I can finally feel like the pieces of September are coming together enough that I can reasonably share them with you. Kevin and I, Cherokee Fade, will be packing up and hitting the road for what is (as Kevin says) more of a road trip. However, me being me it had to be more. So we will start September 7th in Salt Lake City with the Folka Dots at The Garage. I owe them a huge thanks. They were the first people to say yes to us. They lit the fuse under what would become the next three weeks. And become it has. We will head into Northern Utah for a small folk festival, and then Boise Idaho, a few days camping in Glacier National Park, a few coffee shop shows in Vancouver, and then we will head south. We are hoping to go through Bend Oregon but are yet to book a show. We are coming through Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Salem, and then quick down to SF and Santa Cruz before making it home for the end of the month. So still a little of work to do for the “road trip” but all looks well. Check out The Folka Dots Below and share the love….

The Folka Dots

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