she had no idea. blinded by all the lights. confused by all the noise. the charge of the future pulling her along like a freight train. he was sticking notes on change all around their place. it made her feel the grounds were unstable. had her thinking it was time to move on, get along, and find a new one. there had been dreams around the time that based themselves on flying, falling, and the feeling of sharing someone you love. she thought it wise to pack a small transparent suitcase of the few things she still loved in this world and set off at nearly half past one. she went in search of the ones that still hush and glow, thought this time she’d find them for sure. in deciding what to keep and what to cast aside she found fragments of the girl she thought she still was. funny, how did those get in here? she tucked them away but knew there was only so much room, some must be left behind. so she cut away the excess the fat and the fringe and set off once again. it was hot in the places no one visited and then freezing in the night. the only way to strike balance was to keep moving, keep cycling through the process. take in, let go, move on, fall back, and get going. she kept humming a song that a man she once loved wrote for her in late June. and for a very long time that was enough.

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