love well

I have been lucky enough in my life to love wonderful men. I’ve been blessed. I have held the company of smart, talented, traveled, delicious, sensuous, charming, funny, strange men. I have loved men that make movies and men that make music. I have loved men that serve tables and men who were born into money. I have loved near and loved far. I have loved against all odds. The most important thing I have learned about loving well is this: banish all comparisons. Throw them away. Chase them from your mind. No one will love you the way you have been loved by another. You cannot ask yourself to love again the way you have before. Embrace the change of love. Never compare one love to another you have known because it will take away all the beauty of what is in front of you or worse it will boast it beyond reasonable measures because of spite and bad taste. Let them stand alone forever. When you have someone love them well. Give this one person the world they deserve. They are right there in front of you, love them. One day they may leave you or you may fall in love with someone else entirely and then suddenly it will all exist in a past tense. Then there are just hillsides, and cocktails, and blog posts left behind…

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