the law of three

The number three is one of the most powerful numbers in all of universe. The triangle having three points is the strongest of all structures and the entire universe is based on a law of three: The Vedic system of knowledge is based on a tripartite approach to the universe where connections exist in triples in categories of one group and across groups: sky, atmosphere, earth; object, medium, subject; future, present, past; and so on.

We as well function based on a law of three: These are three states, or conditions, of the soul, made evident on the mental plane in the self-conscious mind.
In the Sattvic state, the mind is intent upon goodness and truth, wisdom and love. This condition leads to the evolution of the higher (the buddhic) emotions, and to the Ideals (state of gods).
In the Rajasic state, the mind is full of outgoing energy towards the acquisition of objects of sense, knowledge, fame, power, ambition, social benefit, etc. This condition leads to the evolution of the mental faculties in their widest range (state of men) and to the intuition of truth.
In the Tamasic state the mind is sluggish, unaroused, stupid, ignorant and without zest in the pursuit of any worthy objects. This condition leads to the evolution of the desires, passions, and appetites (state of beasts).
According to Manu, Sattva (goodness) has the form of knowledge, and induces a deep calm full of bliss, and a pure light. Rajas (activity) has the form of love and hatred, and induces pain and dissatisfaction, and an activity difficult to conquer, which draws embodied souls to the objects of sense. Tamas (darkness) has the form of ignorance, and is coupled with delusion unfathomed by reasoning.

In Wicca the law of three (or the rule of return) states that all that you do, good or bad, will find it’s way back to you three fold. it is a literal reward or punishment tied to your actions (especially is you are meddling with magic)

Ever Mind The Rule Of Three

Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee

This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn

Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn.

So, on this particular day of three: 3/3/12 (1+2=3). I suggest you mind your actions with the utmost awareness.

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