for what it’s worth

she never said what was really on her mind, had a nice way of keeping the good pieces to herself to mull over and take apart. she saw very little in the point of explaining the way she felt to people that clearly would never feel the same way about anything from the way rain fell to how the world turns. it was like teaching others to speak a language that she herself could barely decipher. there were more important things in life to spend time on. there were other ways to get along or get on with it. she was the most fascinated and captivated by the idea of love. not the feeling or any particular person, but the idea. the way people seemingly loose themselves in another. didn’t he say that was the most dangerous thing a human being can do. and yet all around her she watched as they sought it out, dove in, and who was more foolish and who was more sad she wondered; those that watched or those that fell. for what’s it worth she told him, she would have tried.

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