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I had a friend tell me recently over a phone call cup of coffee that she was trying to “find where she belongs” and it spun me down a rather strange path. Find where we belong? “What an interesting notion,” I told her. “If you found where you belong you would know when you found it? Would you feel a sense of accomplishment like climbing a mountain? Is it more like finishing a painting, you don’t know why but suddenly you are struck with the notion that yes, done, this is finished! I have arrived where I belong.” The word itself has a variety of definitions: to be proper, to be in an appropriate environment, to have in ones possession, to be a part of something else. It seems to me that the only true definition comes from understanding all the definitions of the word, are they not all speaking to each other? What then? How does one know if and when they truly belong? So I ask all of you, the most interesting people I know, the bright, and the curious, the traveled and the tired, how do you belong?

I have begun an experiment or an exercise if you will. I think we all have some incredibly interesting things to say but become so caught up in our lives and the next thing we have to do that often times nothing gets said anymore. Sometimes we have to ask the right questions. This is the first one. I asked a random selection of people, mostly to see who will participate, and even more so to see what people have to say when you actually ask them something worth thinking about. My aim is to get us thinking and speaking again and in a selfish way to generate more ideas within myself. This constant dialogue I have could be so lovely if some of you would join in. So if you weren’t asked or I don’t personally know you yet please take this as an invitation to answer. Send all thoughts to 

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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