barre what?!

Don’t act like you aren’t aware that of that swimsuit in the back of your drawer. Don’t act like there aren’t still chocolate bars in your freezer. Admit it, your jeans are tight and the suns coming out and you aren’t ready. A massive part of living down here near Mexico outside of the fine city of Los Angeles is spending a good chunk of the year half naked. So it’s time to start lacing up those sneakers and time to get your downward doggie on, workout season has officially arrived. To kick off the new year and countdown to bikini time I signed up for ten classes at Cardio Barre in Costa Mesa off 17th street and Tustin. 10:30 a.m beginners class, there I am stretching out my tight quads and laying down my Hello Kitty towel. I had no idea what I was in for. This class will kick your ass, literally. Ten minutes in and I was begging and praying to some workout god I’ve never known before. But then something funny happened, I started sweating and I started having fun. Once I got over the initial fear of what was going to happen next or how plies I was going to have to do, I was killin it. The moves were easier than I had expected and for someone with no rhythm I had nailed them nearly from the start. Don’t get me wrong this shit was hard but I was jumping and pumping with the best of them. I’m going back for all ten classes in the month of Janurary and taking this photograph below as a serious challenge. I’ll show you, my ass is going to be lookin just like this. Ba BAM!!

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