give thanks

I am aware that Thanksgiving comes tomorrow, but I will be up to my elbows in pies and stuffing making. So I wanted to take a moment and count my blessings before had so as not to forget just how lucky I really am.

I am thankful for my family I love you, for my cat and my tea, for my job, and my friends, for my health and my looks, for my teeth and for my new j brand bell bottoms, for my house and my art, for my education and my music, for today and yesterday, for smoked salmon and capers, for early morning runs and afternoon hikes, for the beach and waves, for smiles and pianos, for the sunshine and the rain, for my life in Minnesota, for all the mistakes I made. I am thankful for second changes and reasons for change, for friends far away, and for everything I haven’t had yet.

Thank you.

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