Cherokee Fade

A “Cherokee Fade,” is when for whatever reason or vice you may have, you take leave of your current situation or place without informing anyone of your decision or whereabouts.

 Kevin and I made a band. Or I guess this time around, the band made Kevin and I again. So cliche. And yet, sometimes it takes external forces to drive us in the right directions. I never would have guessed. So, I guess you were right, it is good to be surprised. Even in these times I still need the truth. Some things never change.

We want to share our stories with you. Our record is almost done. We wrote it over the summer, digging the truth out of each other with pick axes and blowtorches. The truth will set you free and for everyone we have loved along the way, thank you, you are a part of this too.

I guess the record will tell you more than I ever could.
Please take a listen, We Love You.

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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