sun gods

He had come from a place where the suns took turns shinning. A place where later was the ever present now and very little was expected of a half hour. She had spent time in his universe, praying to those suns, worshiping their gods, and come home to find herself changed. Traveling across time and space gives you these undeniable gaps in your identity offering and sometimes forcing you to change even when don’t you want to, especially when you don’t think you need to. He came back to remind her of things she didn’t want reminding of and it left a bad a sweet taste in the back of her throat that crept up through her mind. She wanted it gone. She lit her torches and ran him out of her town, denied her praise to his worlds and burned the memory of his sun gods to the ground. When it was all said and done she combed her hair and pretended like nothing ever happened.

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