Seeing you makes the bottom drop out of my thought process. It leaves the contents of my conversation strew across the unswept floor. I’m left standing there piecing together things that were never even meant to be in pieces. Wondering where and why things went wrong. The flux of October brought with it the rain and a chill that only reminded me how the world fails to change here. A part of me wants to pick up, take up somewhere new and forget this ever happened. Pretend like pretending is an answer or even an option. Somewhere in the channels of passing from here to there or then till now we found a sliver of time for us. Existing between two strange and stranger realities in a safe space lit of corridors and inconsequential views. When I check back in to wherever I am when you cross me it takes a few moments to register what happened, but realizing that all the important parts of life are still intact, I find it safe to keep going.

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