A Fine End

I find myself staring down the last week of July and wondering where this summer has gone. Days seem to slip through my fingers like water, quick but beautiful. These days have been filled with yoga lessons, records, beach days, song writing, long lunches, mid day cocktails, sweaty night at La Cave, early morning beach runs, concerts, photos, and endless afternoons of imaginary stories. When I am slaving away this year working two jobs and putting myself through yet another degree I hope I can remember how slow, how sweet, and how simple life will be again come next summer. Some well deserved time off wil be followed up by some honest hard work and while I assume August will flash by as well, I have to remember: it’s not over yet. Close, but not quite. We still have some serious havoc to wreek on the fine city of San Francisco and another weekend spent celebrating true love. To the sun that has come and to the horizon beckoning us all onward. I bid you all a fine end of July…

This is what I look like late July, just shy of twenty five. For more Love and Photographs CLICK

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