Here I am, Here I go.

 wandering the streets of lowery hills in search of precious goods..
 there is nothing like a good Minneapolis rain. I am so thankful for the incredible variance in weather I witnessed over my stay. From rainy days to 105 degrees…
 These are from Kalins “kegger”. Nothing like being back in the 612.
 Logan Me and Abe. Old school style.
 The lovely ladies of the evening. There is another great picture where the chicken is a much more prominent character.
 Me and my MVP!!
 I know it’s hard to be so very good looking Abe.
 I think I have this same picture from ten years ago…
 Prime Time.
 Go get um Brandy
 just so fucking cute.
 I don’t know what is going on here, but it’s amazing.
 Kalin is replacing Nick in this picture, but so very wonderfully timeless.

 Mags, did you even remember that we went to brunch downtown, and I could eat my food.
 One of the most classic visuals from my trip, Toles I felt like I was always shot gun in your car. Thank you.
 And then there were four.
 A testament to the truth in parallel realities.
 I’ve been here, I’ve stood here, all my life.
 Maggie and Jamie en route to the game..
 City Glow. The new Twins Stadium.

 Golden Hour.
 why are we squished? In case you can’t see the two of you are making the most classic faces.
 Shady like a pair of cheep sunglasses.
 girls and boys.
 Richard, I told you you could do yoga.
 Maggie and I at Soundset. In a nutshell… enough said.
 Hollering at all the grimey little fucks…
 Happy and Filthy like a hip hop hoodrat.
 With my man Liquor Lyle.
 Photo cred, MVP
 I have so many cute pictures of you two I could make a calender. But I wont, because that would be creppppyyyyy… but seriously. This is our day in Stillwater…
 Richard and his new best friend.
 Triple Double Tuesday. If you only knew, then you would know.
 The fact that this picture is upside down speaks volumes to that evening, our gold eyeliner, and the emerald silk tanktop I bought in Stillwater that day.
 I could spend forever in these days…
 I want my nature to be like a lake, calm, still, and peaceful.
 Why are all the cute ones smushed?
 Kalin, seriously?
 man styled.
 Of all the pictures, this is without a doubt my fave.
 Love you!
 Pete and Laura and DOOM teeth.
 The only way.
Take a leap of faith.
I wish this wasn’t so messed up, it’s one of my favorite pictures, but the internet keeps reminding me that I am not smarter than it.
 Italian Sodas, just imagine all this but in LA, California waits for you.
 The cutest apartment ever.
Where is your lucky mini pony?

Megan and Mil and his super sexy spider bite.
Saucy outside Sauce.
Love Bugs.
Bahhaa I just love this picture and the camel back. Love u Milly!
If you could be a fish or a bird, which would you be??
I obviously work out more, obviously.
Hidden Beach, beautiful day. So much sunshine and so much love. I could spend forever in these days.
Top fave photo. Love this one, you boys are going on my wall.

I’m on a boat party. Maggie does not normally dress this way. Though Mags, I do kinda like it.
The drink that changed my mind about gin.
I love this one, I love you both.
Maggie fell off the boat and got eaten by the shark. Sorry Mags, we will miss you.
Gin and Juice and only half a shirt later.
This moment is rooted in sarcasm. If you were there then you know, and if you weren’t then you never will.
Don’t forget the river and the lights, the mist and the music. Walking the bridge and dancing to dance. Best Night, Ever.
Lake of the Isles. Perfect Day.
Stone Bridge.
Spider Richard.
Backflip Central Station.
A lot of relaxing and time that seems to never run out.

hey kids 🙂

These two photos say a lot about this trip.
What is wrong with us?
Nice Guys.
You know you miss me.
The apartment that led to the move that led to the hurt that led to what would one day be the book. 
Love is not a Town.
Lake Calhoun before I took off.
Kalin I love you! Thank you for everything!
Reed and Laura on perfect afternoon
A view of the city, a last beer, my best friends, and one more afternoon…
Thank you for this one, when I found it I was so happy 🙂
And this is the face of a girl who has to say goodbye to a few too many people she loves. You think I would be better at this by now, but I’m not. 
Thank you, Love you, everyone that was a part of this trip it was truly legendary. 

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