If I left you seven diamonds on the sill outside your door
would you take just three for barter
and leave the winds the other four?
If I told you that I loved you while walking on the ledge
would you let me jump and watch me fall,
to hold those words inside your head?
If I traveled across the world just to keep you in one piece
would you let me in and lay me down to find some hidden beach,
on the shores upon my thinning hips, in the caves behind my eyes?
I would follow you from anywhere through the mazes of your mind.
I know it seems like distance and I know it looks like truth,
but the places that I’ve been for you are like nothing I would do
to show you different worlds, to tell you it could be
to create a life outside of time that could adapt and set this free.
Because nothing is ever never
And if everything were now
I would find where you were hiding
And be that timeless “how?”

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