peace out

Getting everything together in the last final moments before hoping on a plane to Minneapolis for the next two weeks to see some friends, listen to some music, find some peace, finish a collection of short stories, and test the theory as to whether one can ever really go home again. I will be working diligently trying to channel some of that certain spirit the city has to offer me, polishing off these stories with style. Minneapolis is the reason I started this collection and it seems only fitting to finish it there. However the amount of pressure I have placed on myself with this journey is nothing short of, something ridiculous. In times of creation, especially premeditated creation, there is a certain level of anxiety. Will I, Can I, step up to the plate and execute in the way I know I am in my best of days capable of. I hope so. Stay with me, it will undoubtedly be at the very least, a good time. peace out.

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