Leavin on a Jet plane… bought a ticket to MPLS for the 25th of May through the 8th of June. I am going to turn St. James in the Second Season, a series of vignettes written about the disintegration of a relationship based in Minneapolis, into a book of short stories. While the project is already well under way I can’t seem to find the right head space to tie it all together and finish it up. Most importantly I find myself falling short on all the things that made me start the project. I can’t remember what the air feels like and I haven’t been in an old tattered apartment in too long. I need to drink at the C.C and stand on the corner of Lyndale just to remember what it’s like, and then maybe my characters will remember too. I need to go to a show at the Triple Rock and run around lake Calhoun, and watch the clouds roll by at hidden beach. I’m hoping that when the time comes to sit down I wont suffer serious stage fright, all the pressure of flying there to get this done, but I figure I will gain what I need even if the words don’t produce themselves during my stay. Sometimes the only way to see things clearly is to step back a bit. Either way I am beside myself with my choice to go, and this will be the longest time I have been home since I was eighteen.

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