Thin Air

running walking riding around town posting these, I don’t know what to call them, fliers, want ad’s, lost if found, somewhat of vain advertisements; people stop and stare. What is that girl in cobalt blue jean shorts doing with that staple gun at nine in the morning? On the corner near the coffee shop a guy asked me if they were for a self help group, ya I guess they kind of are. I told him it could be whatever he wanted, that if he wrote to me, I would write him any kind of help I could. So send me anything, send me moments, send me worries, send me smiles, send me wishes, I’ll write them all out in narrative. Let yourself see things through the eyes of someone else, gain a new perspective. Isn’t that right? It’s all about perspective. Thank you for coming by and if you have come here by chance welcome, and if you have come here by love welcome, and if you have come because you saw one of these; then welcome and tell me, where were you when you saw it? And if you’re still wondering what this is and where you are… it’s my life, colored with creative fiction told in the pursuit of one day attaining pure word choice.

the first three stanzas of time traveler

Looking for a recently misplaced heart or respectable replacement, must fit chest cavity.
Believed to be taken by a time traveler with bright eyes.

Love Always, Rose

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