desert daze

Spent some time out in the desert counting stars and spinning winds. I wondered where it was all going but I felt like I had come to a place where things don’t go anymore. The roads don’t connect and the buildings are all forgotten. Every one that used to love moved on long ago when moving was still on the table. Yet here we are in these same places, still finding a way to make it work. You can see traces of lives that have long since stopped living. Wonder for hours what’s happened in this place, between these walls, out on the these graveled walk ways. What did she say to you to make you leave? Did you know where you would go when you left, or was going the only thing meant anything…? You can hit the road for awhile but chances are you wont ever out run it. Always waiting for you when come back around like you never left in the first place. Time has a way of folding in on itself like that sometimes. Makes you think you’re going crazy and retracing the same tired steps, because you are. The winds were hot when they came up over the desert and rolled into our conversations and that full moon had a funny way of making you feel like there was somewhere else you were supposed to be beside right here with me.

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