California Girls

Here’s to the first sign of summer and a perfect California day.

One Reply to “California Girls”

  1. California SUMMER?Like LES?And they are into NEWFOUNDLAND with RED DAWN?And they love their ACES in NEVADA, too, because , let's face it, they're "old has beens." And so with lots of ACCING and " SS DICCE, they go onto HEACHU and HITURAT and laugh at-PREURAT with MICHE and REMY.Wtf not?They're both " has beens" too.And with CHERR and with PLADD, they get to addAll the ZEDRO and FOCK EW they can handle!With " DAD"…and it's so RAD with the ADS – CK!And you throw in the QUEEN!OMG- it's a DREAM!And it comes and it comes and it comes with CRUISE- SHOES!Can you dig it?

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