took a walk

We were walking through a parking garage and he was trailing a bit behind me.
“I can see your breath and it’s dripping with lies,” he said.
“The subtlties of our conversations never cease to amaze me. I had a dream I was with you. Why are you still so far behind asking questions that no one wants to hear the truth to?”
He ran a bit to catch up to me becasue I was already stepping through into tomorrow.
“You know I used to think you were pretty,” he said.
“Me too.”
“Now I just think you look tired and I don’t see why your always chasing the daylight. Good things come to those that wait they say.”
“They never got anywhere,” I told him. He looked sad and sucked dry of his old beliefs. There wasn’t anything I could tell to make him think I was still the same girl he had met. I don’t know what happened to her but I hadn’t seen her in awhile.
The days were getting longer and the nights were feeling stronger. I had a hard time pulling myself up and I wondered how long something so fabricated could last. How long do these things normally hold up I wanted to ask but by this time I was walking alone.

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