I’m not a religious person but I do like to jump on the bandwagon for a variety of holidays across the board that fit my interests, desires, or needs. More so, I like to explore my options. Lent is one of those things that goes way back for me to the days of uniforms and catholic school boys. It’s one of the few things I remember from the slight religious upbringing that I had. You give something up for forty days and forty nights, which doesn’t include the six Sundays that fall within that time. So really it’s 46 days in my eyes. In past years I always try to give something up, I always have the discussion and it goes on for sometime but somewhere within those forty six days I loose sight, track, or simply forget what I had committed to. So on my list of tings to give up this year but I have not committed to one is smoking, drinking, processed foods, netflix, men, diet coke, and shopping. What’s a girl to do? It is supposed to represent Jesus and his forty days fast in the wilderness, which makes me more inclined to give up diet coke and processed foods. But those both feel so selfish, I mean it’s not that hard and I want that anyway so hows really making the sacrifice here? Not, me. The word Lent comes from the German word Teutonic which means springtime, and they say we should view Lent as a sort of spiritual spring cleaning. I also read that while giving something up the idea is to put something more spiritual in it’s place making us more like Jesus Christ. I don’t think they entirely mean spiritual in the praying kneeling sense, I think it just means something good, or something better than what you gave up. So, think about it, you have the rest of the day to decide….

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