Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

A discovery for myself. Through the woods and over the hill I walked in the drizzling rain with three smart ladies to a bar just on the other side of my apartment complex. Sitting down everyone orders a drink and I cannot take my eyes off this bottle of beer sitting atop the shelf. Clearly marketed for the likes of myself I had to order it. I am not even a beer drinker. I like a Stella every now and then or a Corona on a hot summer day, but the language of beer is as foreign as Latin to me. I certainly would never order a heavy Belgian style beer, but the marketing got to me. The bartender told me if I finished the beer I could take the bottle home with me. I accepted his challenge, and to my delight it was delicious. It was dark and heavy but sweetened with distinctive chocolate and caramel flavors and cherry, there was no mistaking the presence of cherry in my new beer. It took the better part of the evening for me to drink it, in fact it was the only drink I had. What a wonderful discovery on a dark rainy evening. However as I wake up this morning, the Three Philosophers do not have me feeling healthy, wealthy, or wise.

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