Time Traveler

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I told him, “no matter the time,” 
and he told me, “no matter the place,
the universe gives you the bed that we make.”

I’ve traveled the world
for diamonds and drinks,
But he traveled through time to give me this ring.

They say that these choices 
don’t grow on these trees,
but I beg to differ
I change with ease.

I saw him last month at a motel with lights
we spent the whole evening escaping the night.

When there’s looks there are dreams
When there’s dreams there are dares
When there’s dares there are downfalls
And right to be scared.

There’s twice on the way to the person you’ve been
when you’ll pass an old place, and they wont let you in.

You will knock, you will plea, you will offer them gold
but the young can’t go back to a home that is old.

The memories weathered 
the climate has changed
the names and the faces are all rearranged.

He was worried of running but scared to stay still
cause the wheel of fortune doesn’t spin at your will

I taught him to listen
he taught me to breathe
I laid out the cards on the bed by his feet.

The six of the swords and the tower lay flat
they told him to leave and to never look back.

I said, “I’ll sleep on my stomach,
you sleep on your side,
we’ll know when they’re coming,
we’ll know when to hide.”

He is the only one to undo whats been done
Who can stop and start time, who can outrun the sun

 written on what else, but cocktail napkins at work. 
the words of this poem have been lifted and worked into the first song
of a very long project. 

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