Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day. I like it because as far as ridiculous holidays goes this one takes the cake for me. How it has survived so long and still appears on calenders is just a testament to how strange humans are and how we search for “a sign” really anywhere we can get one. According to folklore groundhog day works like this: today, February second when “the groundhog” (not sure how one becomes dubbed the almighty groundhog) ventures out of his hole, no excuse me, his burrow… when said groundhog ventures from said burrow if it is cloudy he will continue his exit and thus signifying the end of winter, but if it is sunny the groundhog will see it’s shadow and retreat back into his burrow indicating another six weeks of winter. Funny thing is that it’s sunny today so my groundhog has most likely seen his shadow but I highly doubt if we see anything close to a winter in the next six weeks. On the other hand for my good friends scattered across this country, namingly in Minnesnowta, it is most likely cloudy there today. Shadow or no shadow their winter will last at least six more grueling weeks of snow and ice and negative windchill. (not trying to rub it in.) So all in all although I love to be a believer just as much as the next ex-catholic semi Jewish by association gypsy out there, I just can’t get in on this one. Sorry groundhog your cute and all, but I think I’ll take my weather advice from that hot guy on the morning news. 

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