These Are Blogs and Projects that I LOVE, so you should LOVE them too… Click Title, Follow, Love, Enjoy!

Fashion Guru and Designer living in Minneapolis Minnesota, Megan Jorgenson is my go to inspiration when it comes to getting dressed. Her posts flow with her mood, season, and daily projects. You will never be bored with this gem. 
Updated more often than your facebook status MOONCATS is an endless wonder of all things awesome. Created by Zac Marben an eclectic artist, musician, travler, snowboarder, and motorcycle enthusiast.  It’s an interesting glimpse into the imagination of a very interesting man.

Brooklyn based producer, musician, and performer BUDO allows the public in on his endless journey through this blog. Follow him every step of the way while he makes records, travels the world, and wonders a lot about everything else. This kid is truly a talent and anytime new work is released, I highly sugest picking it up here.

Don’t Hurt Your Mind
Best Blog to read with a cup of tea because unlike most, you will actually be reading. Sage Hagan, a talented writer, world travler, and honestly jack of all trades from Albuquerque New Mexico is in my opinion the closest thing our generation has to Jack Kerouac. With little or no regard to convention his poetry investigates the very roots of being human. At times painfully honest this blog will have you starring into parts of yourself that you may never have wanted to look at.

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