Black and White but fun all over.

 Ricky Tucker and Laura on the beach in Venice in the middle of an incredibly interesting week spent in east and west hollywood. I wish they turned out better, but I think there will be more on the next roll..
 Laura in Venice on a lovely of all lovely days. Of many many things that I learned in this time space was that everything is just going to happen. I will now adopt the No Plan Plan. 
 Poppin bottles to ring in the New Year. 
 Andrea and Alfie on New YEARS. I LOVE THIS ONE. 
The cover of Kevins solo album self titled Look Both Ways. 
not seriously, but doesn’t it look like it?
 Mamma and Danielle on Christmas
I love that Jenna and Belladonna are making the same face
 My Christmas presents 
 Candace this is you drinking a can of Budweiser in Oh Those Doughnuts
 Semi Sweet at La Cave
 All the pretty people playing music in my ears..
Derek 🙂
Heather on Keyes and Kim on accordion 
Missletoe Mondays
nothing goes better with a velvet dress than fur cuffs
hi ladies. 
Jenna loves you. 
When things start to happen, don’t worry don’t stew. Just go right along you’ll start happening too. 
Oh the Places You’ll go – Dr. Seuss

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