Happy Holidays

These photos are from our magical Holiday Party thrown by Laura and Maggie on the snowiest night I have ever seen. I seriously doubted that anyone would be able to make it being that the entire city had all but shut down. Thankfully Mil saved the day, once again, and drove around town to retrieve all of our lost and lovely friends. How the rest of you made it there is truly amazing to me, I tip me party hat to you… I hope you enjoy these moments, I most certainly have..

What if nobody shows up?
 the friendship bracelet beading sweat shop

 Happy Holidays from Megan and Erin
 and a Happy New Year…
 A roudy game of spoons
 We threw this Holiday Party in the middle of a blizzard… Brrrr..
 We weren’t sure if anyone would show but we were determined to have a grand time in any case
 Those that did attend, and mostly thanks to Mil, were gifted with friendship bracelets 🙂
 See Megan loves hers.
 I love these few shots of us ladies. Love you all!!

 Happy Holidays from Kalin and Nick
Laura and Brook your smiles are sparkling

 this one is priceless, fucking perfect
 I like this look on you Richard
this is what I feel like sometimes
i love your looks. i love this night.
i love these times. i love this life.
Mr. Zac Marben, and below, the lovely Rebecca Bates
The notes you left on the fridge were amazing! I loved the grocery list that included brains, turtles, becca bates, and helmets.
my it has been a long time that we have all been friends..
This series of dancing shots really round out the evening.
In case you cannot tell in this photo, Richard is playing the spoons.

they love each other

this is a full on dance line, conga, snake thing..
with Brandy in the lead
and now Brook.. 🙂
shake it.
Maggie wondering where everyone went at the end of the night.

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