half framed mind state

 these photos are from one of the first days I was in Minneapolis this December. this is the first roll on my Diana mini half frame. taken in downtown Minneapolis while consuming a noteable amount of scotch and smiling from ear to ear.
 this will be going on my wall in bedroom for many reasons, following are just a few: 1. because the face maggie is making is such a “maggie face” that my mother even said it. 2. because kalin is hilarious and really looks like shes reading. and 3. because these are two of my most favorite people in the entire world.
 At Barrio watching the Holidazzle parade
 Brandy, it was such a pleasure to meet you.
 many frames were double, triple exposed which I think captures that evening rather well. Looks the same as I remember
 and I’m having staring at the prints trying to make out the several instances caught on one.
 for no other reason than how ridiculous I look I had to include this.
 haha maggs. the coffee!.
 for both above and below; i love that these two shots made it on the same frame.

 one of my fave frames
 Here with lovely Brandy begins the second roll of film, all shot at our holiday party in the middle of a blizzard.
 Kalins Christmas card shot
 Ricky and Mil 🙂
 Beautiful Becca, Megan, and Maggie
 dance boys dance
 Megan, I love this picture of us. I think it’s one for the ages 🙂
 this one is even better and it shares a frame with a great dance move snap shot
 that’s what I look like when I’m having a really really good time
 Reed and Laura 🙂

 sisters :)… and brothers..?
 Jordan your photos are amazing. thanks you

 Just all around priceless.
 Thank you Maggie and Laura for throwing such a lovely fiesta.

 We all had the most lovely time..

 see, look at these happy boys

 i love whatever is going on in this photo

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