An Apple A Day

After sleeping for a brief few hours and still aching from the DOOMTREE set at The Roxy, we piled into the car and drove two and a half hours into the San Diego mountains. It was without a doubt one of the most lovely days I have seen here in Southern California. We went up to Palomar mountain to a property with over a hundred apple trees that are all over a hundred years old. The apples come from a time before genetic engineering and therefore are no specific type. The color, size, and taste varied from tree to tree. I probably tried over twenty apples off the trees and another twenty after we had harvested them. After gathering a truck full of apples we set forth like little worker bees and washed, cut, mulched, and pressed the apples into twenty some gallons of the most delicious juice you will ever have. If your in the neighborhood stop by this week, my fridge is full of it….

i love boys
where’s my bike? have you seen firestorm this week?
we. are. in. a. band.

some vintage love. rest stop at the top of the mountain.

get in that phone booth, and like it dre.
feeling like were on top of the world. because we are.

and sometimes life really is as good as you always hope it would be.
and sometimes, it’s even better.

I’ll love you to the ends of the earth

ride this crazy train
she wondered if she could get any higher…?
the orchard
the pickers learning the science of the apples
gods gift.
I told you that warm wind was bringing love.

On a clear day, you can see straight through to tomorrow.

APPLES. step one: pick them
step two: wash them
step three: wash them again
step four: cut them
and cut some more.
step five: mulch them and press them!!
Bobbin. Noggin.

This is when we went picking in the truck….

and after a long hard days work… we all took a nap and watched the sunset .

these are the kinds of days that dreams are made of…

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