writers block.

Sometimes when I cannot write for myself, which is usually the way I like to think of my writing, I write for someone else. I write something simply for the pure narcissistic nature of it, something that I want someone to read. It may not be the way I like to create, but create I must. There is a certain aspect to it when I think of someone else. When I try to say these things that I would never, could never say. There is something inherently special when my work says it for me. There are suddenly things that I never knew were there, things I didn’t know I wanted to say. There is also a certain performative quality to it. There is something intimate and endearing and it makes me feel closer to whoever that person may be, although they very well may never read it. Or they do read it, but never know it was written for them. I am not sure if this translates well into other arenas of creating but I don’t see why not. Everything says something. Saying nothing is what brings us to where we are right now. It takes away the element of contrived. It gives that moment, that piece a mission in its own right. It’s not trying to join your catalog of great creations. It’s for someone, and that someone alone. It is surprising the things we can come up with when we create outside of ourselves, our goals, out intentions. Stop thinking so big, so forever, and just re-instill that faith we both know is there. Who knows it may be the beginning of something crazy beautiful, something you didn’t know was there. Just create one thing, for me, and only me. Everything else will follow suit.

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