and on the ninteenth day, it rained.

It’s been raining here all day, not just the casual misting rain that rolls through Southern California in early fall; this is down pouring, day stopping, cuddle in your bed kind of rain. Best of all, it is my favorite type of rain. I love rain that falls straight down, which I guess sounds funny. All rain due to gravity falls down, it is the nature of rain to fall. But growing up in Minnesota I learned that there are many types of rain; fat rain, thin rain, windy rain, shifting rain, rolling rain, painfully sharp rain, and straight rain. This rain is straight rain in big fat drops that drench you instantly when you step outside. It is the kind of rain that can wash all sorts of things away. It is the kind of day to come clean, let go of anything unnecessary that you have been holding onto. Today is a day for letting go. So, goodbye old habits, old behavioral patterns, old thoughts, and old fears. When the skies do clear, I will be happy to see what is growing in your place.

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