VIVA "a little las vegas story…"

She went east because the only
thing west would swallow her whole.

in search of the light.

100 on the 15 for 260

She had a glass of scotch in the middle of the day.

Because telling the truth is an exhausting process when you find something Good.

She was best at walking away. And he liked that about her.
Because he was best at leaving.
Nothing looks as good as an idea feels around your tired wrists.

She spent so much time looking over her shoulder. That she never saw it coming.

She waited patiently for those old friends Justice and Fate.

but they never came.

and she couldn’t remember who or why she had left in the first place.

and she wondered seriously if vanity was a disease.

On the same road traveling west for as long as time knew

only the sun sees everything. and even she missed you.

running was the only thing her bones told her to do.

She met a man who sang the blues

she asked him for some happy news

but he just smiled and turned away.

“heart left hanging from a string like a necklace”

She danced when she felt free.

And she smiled under that stare.
time had promised to freeze but it continued with no regards to her pleas.

the little rebel yellow

said, “your future is as bright as those lights, don’t you know..?”

he sat to think about it for awhile. about her.
but couldn’t see past tomorrow.

or those bright lights.

it had been lifetimes since he had seen himself this light
and liked it.

And Then there was a Rap Show….

*all wonderful pictures taken by my little rebel yellow. Go to for more of her genius. love always. Rose Blacque.

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