Shorescrew Hippies and Hessians Party 8/25/10

Once upon a Full moon…
there was a party under the stars that drew us from the four corners and made the ocean sing our songs.

She only dances in her dreams and on silver lined Blue Beets

Cheers to being young and in love with the night

Thank you

A lovely time in Paradise while trying to see the lighter side of the darker things in life.

Because some things never change, and they shouldn’t have to

Beauties glow brighter in the full moonlight.

Earth Child

Wondering where the women went…

because they were all dancing to Cliff Drive,

and admiring Russel,

and his moves.

He had a cocktail of Past mixed with Present

Rose petals and Rose waters carried the smiles through the room

I love your enthusiasm

And there were some that were talented beyond all reason and led the rest of us through this time like pied pipers and dream weavers.

Boys will be boys when girls are watching.

She was a moon princess that lived between 35mm half frames on her good days.

When the sun comes down to smile on us, I will tell him you said hi.

Sometimes Pretty people come in Two’s in these parts of town.

She was suspicious of your behavior

Love comes often and sings sweet tunes if you are open to its melodies and messages.

Someone has to capture all these moments or they will slide through our fingers like time.

She dances to let the pain shine, because it looks good in the right light.

I let you leave me happy on a sunny hillside.

And when they read stories. You will know it was meant to be.

I spent my days on the backsides of your mind because I felt thin and fine

If love looks like you, then I love

your smile was contagious and everyone caught it.

you spun me around by the wayside

i have been here before and I know where it goes.

i saw you in a dream but you came unstitched at the seams.

she wished me well on her way out the door, and left a trail of wonder in her wake

in case you need to forget why you came

a similar bloodline makes you twice as magical

and twice as fun

hip bones and head bands

on the sunnyside of the moon

she smiled because her soul was shining and her feet were dancing

if you wish hard enough, good things come true on the flipside of the night

please look at me like you mean it. because i like it.

you were wise beyond your years and all the streets heard it.

spin me. flip me. love me.

she only dreams in the daytime.

make love not war.

Alejandro because he is amazing

a fine line between love and losing it

you make my heart beats

they danced like the sun would never rise and the moon would always shine, because sometimes the night can be it’s own surprise.

only with abandonment do you find yourself truly free

and when we are older you can remember that at one time you lit the night on fire

and danced till the skies caved in and your hair was drenched with tears of inspiration.

because we wont always be this young, thin, and happy.

plaster these moments to postcards and mail them to yourself in seven years.

Star shine you make life bright.

On an Emerald evening you danced between the melodies, and everyone loved you for it.

Happiness has a way of making you so beautiful.

and in those moments our words were secret future stories.

my heart went thump the first time i saw you.

if love doesn’t kill you first,

this band surely will.

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