One Afternoon…

She wanted to let the afternoon fall to the wayside…

She wanted to let it slip slide with a little Simon and sunkissed

because sometimes time has the strangest way of standing still when you want it to speed up, and speeding up when you ask it kindly to stand still.

It was July but the sun said it was October and no one had noticed it lied.

They played broken records on repeat and pretended they were never sixteen again.

On the off chance that he was going to stay. She prepared herself for the worse.

He told me he liked the way I was neither here nor there. So I left.

The first time I saw you you were wearing stars around your wrists and had just played the piano till your fingers fell off.

I love the way you are.

I loved the way we were.

She could barely stay afloat in his drink.

There is only Peace in Silence.

There is only Silence underwater.

Because it was the only place she could dream.

And it was the only place you couldn’t tell she was still crying.

The only place that slowed her running.

Sometimes sinking is winning

And loving looks a lot like loosing once did

I told him you look a lot like a goodbye I once I had.
Cause not all good things turn out so bad.

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