burger wednesday

Today was a lovely wednesday afternoon when jen and I ventured over to Generic Youth for some snacks and an all around good time. We heard a buzz around town that if you show up to this chic spot on the side of Pomona in Costa Mesa with an old beach towel, they will feed you lunch. And it’s true! They turn your old beach towel into new sweatshirts which they sell in their store along with a slew of other unforgettable items. They sell furniture, art, glasses, and clothing both newly made, and vintage (that I was drooling all over). As we arrived owner and creator Jeff Yokoyama had just laid out a dozen pairs of vintage quicksilver board shorts for a pretty penny. These boys are truly diverse, they even have a barber shop set up in the back corner. Most definitely one of the best kept secrets in Costa Mesa. The overall atmosphere of the place was both warm and buzzing. Inside you have the unmistakable feeling that something special is truly happening here, and I am happy to be a part of it. Jenna and I will be back next wendnesday, and if you’re around stop by too.

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