Meet Atropa Belladonna

This is my new magical black kitten named Atropa Belladonna. She is seven weeks old and I love her. I don’t even mind being kept all night or the fact that my bedroom smells like savory salmon. She is a rescue cat and they told us that black cats are particularly hard to place, and that only special people adopt them. Go figure. We are in love. Her name almost as special as she is. Atropa Belladonna is commonly known as Belladonna or the deadly nightshade. It is plant that has been used as a sedative and poison since early man. Atropa comes from the name Atropos, of one of the three fates in Greek mythology, the one that cuts the thread of life. The name Atropa Belladonna is derived from an admonition in Italian and Greek meaning “do not betray a beautiful lady.”

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