Playing Dressup

I love Halloween because it is the black sheep of the holidays. It is a sick twisted tradition that allows everyone to let their inner freak out. I find it to be not only insanely entertaining, but also slightly therapeutic. We celebrate the dead, the unnatural, the scary, and the sluty: May the devil bless it! This year I spent my prehalloweeny as Star from Reno at the Slide Bar in Fullerton to see the boys I love: The PRICKS. We also shook our booty’s to Beardo, and has an all around kick ass time. I think we ended up at Casidys??

I was so hung over on Friday that I had to eat two bagels to even stay alive, and then spent the rest of the day on the futon. Kevin and I would have won had we entered a costume contest. He was the living and breathing PRICKS skull in a marriachi jacket, and I was corpse bride. I did our make-up and got the dress at an antique store, and I was hardly recognizable. I am sorry if I scared anyone…

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