A day with Saint Diego and Analog

I am so glad I got my shift covered on Wednesday and made it to Mission Beach for one of the most relaxing afternoons, and kick ass evenings I have had since this semester started. ASR is this weekend so I am sure the city was a buzz, but you couldn’t tell while laying at the oceans shelf watching boys surf at noon. Analog with a change of pace rented a pimped out condo off of Mission and San Juan, and they were more than hospitable. They set aside an entire room dedicated to free garb and boards to borrow for anyone who wanted to surf. We went by the wave house in the afternoon where i perfected sitting in a hot tub while sipping rum and pineapple. Later, Will Crum with Kevin Yoches played in one of the ocean front rooms at the Analog house after all the guests had feasted at the private sushi bar. For being a simple two piece these two boys have more energy than most professional bands that fill out a stage. The end of the evening starts to blur and bleed for me, but I must give a special thanks to LeeBoy for getting me home safe, and a Happy Birthday to Lugo… 🙂

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