I heart Shorescrew

Upon moving from Minnesota to Newport I met the most maniacal mix of young men. The boys of shorescrew have a local and internet legacy of blowing shit up, surfing, and throwing parties at which anything can and usually does happen. You can check out all their madness and glory at shorescrew.blogspot.com. All the photos below are from Malarky’s last Wednesday where they threw their most recent event. It was a great time and everyone wore their shit faces with pride. These are the only guys I know that could convince everyone at a party to participate in a conscious war painting contest for free gear. Though I sadly don’t have a photo of it, my personal winner was tommy who sported a magic marker eye patch and mustache!! A big thanks to you guys for bringing us all together… as if we needed an excuse to get wasted on a Wednesday night!!

Colbys neck tat



My bestist freinds

Mike and Cassie



Oh Tyler 🙂


Doho layin the mac down

yum yum gimme some

we all fall down


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