smells like success

I’m spending my early afternoon at HOZELL in the Costa Mesa industrial district in a warehouse space converted into the trendy new clothing lines headquarters. Pretty girls are folding endless stacks of two-toned polo shirts, coffee is constantly brewing, and there is a buzz in the air thats more than the halogen lighting. The line of leisure wear has stormed into the clothing industry by being picked up by stores like Fred Segal, The Closet, Lisa Kline, and Villains (one of the hippest stores in the haight and ashbury area). Their clothes for both men and women have a laid back yet sophisticated feel that would be perfect for surfing, golfing, a hungover day at the beach, horseback riding, chardonnay lunches, playing bocce ball and ping-pong, shopping, cruising, drinking, yachting, socializing, or whatever your idea of leisure may be. Every piece of clothing is made with love and consideration to the world we are living in today. Every thread is stitched in southern california and inspired by the lives lead here. I see big things in the near future and success infiltrates my every sense. These clothes are so cute, hip, and comfy that they could pull you together on any saturday morning regardless of the night you had before. If I wore a hat I would tip it to visionary men of HOZELL for their creation, because I think we could all use a little leisure with dignity in our lives. xoxo

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